Resurrection Cemetery Price List

Prices may change without notice

Lots and Niches

Service Burial Right Open/Close Total Price
Traditional Lot $1150.00 $525.00 $1926.25
Cremation Burial With Family Member $345.00 $155.00 $575.00
Family Cremation Burial Lot (4 cremations) $1380.00 $620.00 $2300.00
Single Columbarium Niche $1150.00 $125.00 $1466.25
Double Columbarium Niche $1840.00 $240.00 $2392.00


  • 1 Full Inscription: $295.00
  • 1 Verse Line: $180.00
  • 1 Full Inscription/Verse  $475.00
  • Regular Library Carving: $200.00

Flower Vases

  • 5” core Inground Flower Vase: $247.25
  • Columbarium Vase: $ 63.25

Methods Of Payment

A 2.5% user fee will be applied to all credit card payment

Pre-Cemetery Contracts

Pre-Cemetery Contracts arrangements are available for a 12 0r 24-month installment.
plan. Appointments are necessary for this service.

Marker Design

At Heritage Memorials, quality is more than a word. We understand that a memorial is a permanent symbol of your remembrance of a departed loved one. It should express something of the person in whose memory it is placed and reflect your thoughts and memories of that person. A memorial is a visible tribute of the departed to all those who pass by now, and for generations to come. When you choose from Heritage we assure and guarantee that your memorial will be a permanent legacy of your remembrances.

  • Comprehensive Lifetime Guarantee written into every order that protects against any defects caused by flaws in the granite or workmanship, now and in the future.
  • Quality Granites from the best quarries in the world. Granites that have stood the test of time and are proven to provide the best depth of colour, hardness, and durability.

Volunteers Needed

For further information contact the Cemetery Office 902-564-6304

Cemetery Members and family who have loved ones interred at our cemetery we invite you to be part of our volunteer team to assist with the ground care and office duties of the cemetery. This is an opportunity for you to share your gifts and talents to support the ongoing operation of our cemetery.