As individuals become aware of their environmental footprint, the demand for environmentally sensitive funeral services has increased across Canada. Some consumers opt for green burials to prevent chemicals or nonbiodegradable materials from permanently remaining with the land.
Green burials are defined as end-of-life rituals and interment options that do not involve toxic chemicals or nonbiodegradable materials. For instance, environmentally sensitive funeral services would not include the embalming process or burial in metal caskets or concrete vaults. In some instances, green burials can also be used to facilitate ecological restoration and landscape-level conservation.

Green Burial Standards and Legislation

There are no laws in Nova Scotia that specifically address green burials or require human remains to undergo the process of embalming. Under existing legislation, green burials are not considered to be different from traditional funeral services. This means that all activities involving the care or transport of human remains, the sale of funeral merchandise, and arrangements for burials or cremations must be carried out by licenced funeral directors, funeral homes, and cemetery operators.
Professionals who provide environmentally sensitive services are required to follow existing laws and regulations within their jurisdiction. In Nova Scotia, the Embalmers and Funeral Directors Act and the Cemetery and Funeral Services Act govern activities related to green burials, services, and sale of merchandise.

Green Cemeteries

Under Nova Scotia legislation, green cemeteries are not considered to be different from any other place of interment. They must be appropriately zoned and meet criteria outlined by municipal bylaws, Environment Nova Scotia and provincial legislation. Establishing a green burial site in a cemetery involves sectioning off land or building onto an existing cemetery, or creating a new one. It is important to note that cemeteries also set their own bylaws and rules and regulations that describe how burials will take place.


Burial Right $ 900.00
Open/Close of Lot $ 500.00
Perpetual Care Fee $ 135.00
Marker $ 325.00
Sub-Total $1860.00
HST $ 258.75
Total $2118.75


1. The remains must be prepared by a local funeral home and be transported to the cemetery in a biodegradable container purchased by the funeral home. The container must be biodegradable or deemed a natural casket with less than 8% metals on construction.
2 . Remains may be viewed at the funeral home before the interment service at the cemetery. Remains are not permitted to be viewed at the cemetery chapel before the interment.
3. Interments will take place throughout the year. Family are not permitted to be at the burial site for the Interment.
4. Lot markers are of a grey granite stone 16 X 11 X 3. There are no chemicals, tint, paint products permitted in the design of the lot marker.
5. Interment lots are selected in sequential manner only.
6. Cremated remains are not permitted in the green burial site.
7. Clients have the choice of purchasing an interment site by means of a pre-cemetery contract or at an “at need” arrangement. Clients that Choose to purchase a pre-cemetery arrangement have the option of paying in full or have a 24 month installment plan interest free.
8. Only fresh flowers are permitted to be placed at the burial site without any container. Ornamentals and faux flowers are not permitted at the interment site.
9. Funeral Homes and family members must adhere to all the Cemetery Rules and Regulations which will be given upon the purchase of a interment lot.