Resurrection Community Cemetery was established in 1964. We are a non-profit self sustained community-based organization respecting all faiths and cultures offering interment services for all people. Our cemetery is managed and operated by its lot owners. We uphold and respect the legislation of the Cemetery Companies Act, the Cemetery and Funeral Services Act and Regulations of Nova Scotia, Cemetery Rules and Regulations and the Cemetery By-laws.

Our cemetery board members are dedicated to sharing their gifts and talents for the benefit of our cemetery. The cemetery board employs the people for the efficient administration, ground and equipment maintenance, and perpetual and interment care of the cemetery.

The lot owners and staff of Resurrection Community Cemetery are people that care for our cemetery families dedicated to providing a dignified cemetery believing that all persons must be treated with courtesy, compassion, respect, and dignity and for the recently bereaved with compassion and understanding.

Resurrection Community Cemetery provides a sacred place of faith, hope, prayer and comfort, a pleasant and caring environment worthy of a life to be remembered. We are a place of an everlasting tribute to the families that we serve.

Cemetery Mission Statement

The mission of Resurrection Community Cemetery is to honor the memory of those who have chosen our hallowed grounds as their final resting place. We strive to create a respectful and dignified environment for those who visit our Cemetery to honor the memory of a loved one. Our facilities will be maintained with the highest standards of care so that the memories of those interred may be visited in comfort and dignified respect.

Cemetery Vision Statement

The vision of Resurrection Community Cemetery is to serve the residents of our local communities with a place of burial that provides a peaceful and well-maintained setting. We will strive to expand the capacity of the Cemetery, both with respect to burial sites and our Columbarium Niches. We have maintained information systems that will enable easy access to burial location, and to maintain in the future our high standards of care for the entire Cemetery. We will exercise due diligence in administering the Perpetual Care Fund and will develop creative ways to sustain this Fund through programs such as Donations and Endowments. Our vision is for a Cemetery that will be properly maintained and properly administered so that its future sustainability will be ensured.